A new name and visual identity

Renowned for the creation of permanent or ephemeral works for temporary exhibitions, events, public commissions or architectural projects, the c.H-D artelier takes a new step in its development in 2018.

For the past seventeen years, the company has accompanied the constant evolution of artists and have responded to their growing needs by surrounding themselves with craftsmen who have different yet complementary skills.

To better define their activity and with an eye toward new international markets, the organisation has decided to evolve the name of the company, and to crystalize their evolution with a tangible new logo.

"c.H-D art production" thus becomes "CHD ART MAKER" and develops its visual identity.

The new logo consists of an effective contemporary typography. Entirely remodelled, the graphic charter reflects the company's dynamics, shapes the spirit of conquest that characterizes it and the original character of its DNA in the world of art manufacturers.
It’s visual identity reinforces the perception of a technical company by opting for blue (which is also the blue of the South of France, where the workshop is located) and grey.
The website is renewed by remaining faithful to the values of modernity and professionalism that are dear to the company, and to the enthusiastic vision of its universe.

CHD ART MAKER invites you to browse through the pages of its new website, to (re)discover the achievements that have marked its path and the projects in progress, its skills and its history, positioning and consecrating the company as a key player in the landscape of "art makers". 

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