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Our studio and workshop, together with an enthusiastic team of our finest
craftsmen, ply their respective trades to the very limits of creation, meeting
the most demanding needs of artists, architects, designers and sponsors.

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CHD ART MAKER was created in 2001 in Montpellier, France, by it’s founder Christian Hubert-Delisle. The goal was and remains simple - to help artists, designers and architects build innovative art pieces; they have the artistic vision, and we have the savoir faire. In a short amount of time, Christian’s nomadic workshop made a name for itself by building stunning and bespoke artwork side-by-side with the artists themselves.

In 2008, Bénédicte Baqué joined him and became manager of the company.

In 2012, the company established itself in a permanent structure in the heart of the Garosud industrial zone, near the Montpellier train station and its airport, in close proximity to the main highways. The CHD ART MAKER workshop is also surrounded by skillful collaborators: engineers, 3D draftsman, resin technicians, carpenters, boilermakers etc.

CHD ART MAKER's solid experience enables it to make unique art pieces at all stages, from development to production phase and installation on site: design of manufacturing hypotheses, 3D modelling, prototyping, and solutions to multiple needs through technical, budgetary and logistical support.

Depending on the projects, year after year, skills from more than fifteen professions have been mobilised within the company. This background has provided CHD ART MAKER with rare know-how and exceptional mastery, earning them a solid reputation in contemporary art and architecture circles as well as a stable network of suppliers and service providers.

For 17 years CHD ART MAKER has offered detailed, custom service by bringing together traditional and industrial expertise to exceptional projects around the world.  


Steering the ship at CHD Art Maker are a dynamic pair whose skills and passion complement each other perfectly. What they have in common is an eye for detail and a deep knowledge of contemporary art, architecture and design. Their greatest strengths? A quick and accurate understanding of the project in order to bring custom solutions with a rare and enviable savoir faire.

Christian Hubert-Delisle, a graduate of l’École des Beaux-Arts de Montpellier and former assistant to Fonds régional d’art contemporain Occitanie Montpellier (FRAC) Director: Ami Barak, is founder of the company. He manages the workshop and is its master maker. He also works as co-manager for feasibility studies, methodology and design.

After graduating with a Masters in Sciences et Techniques des Métiers de l'exposition (specializing in Contemporary Art) Bénédicte Baqué became assistant curator of the collection of MACBA, a famous contemporary art museum in Barcelona (Spain), under the direction of Manolo Borja-Villel.

In 2008 she became co-manager of CHD Art Maker, and is charged with the task of running the administrative side of the company from project planning to logistics. She holds a University Diploma from the Montpellier II Institute of Administration and Management and has also obtained a Diploma in Growth Strategy from the University of Management of Montpellier, and was recently awarded their prestigious "Women Awards" in 2017.

With their common vision and experience Christian and Bénédicte use their combined talents to meet every challenge. Thanks to their respective work ethic and adaptability, the company allows for multiple approaches: each brings its own specificity to fulfill its mission; expanding and developing the level of expertise of the company.  

Our values

Relais - Reliable

Christian and Bénédicte are old friends. What connects us is our love and passion of art and artists. Ever since we can remember, we have always found ourselves meticulously caring for artwork within the strict guidelines of our profession. Relais and Reliable, these two words, one French and one English are different yet share the same root; sincere, safe, steady, stable, trustworthy, efficient, solid, serious, good and infallible.

Ami Barak
Independant Curator and Art Critic

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In line with those of artists, architects and designers, we share the same passion for creation and speak the same language. We are their "hands" and those of their sponsors.

We know what’s at stake. It’s the fundamental last step. We bring their art to life: the realization of their projects. We intervene the very moment that their intention must become reality; to transform their artistic idea into something you can touch and feel.

Which is why for this delicate phase and throughout the production process, from the formatting to the installation, we are by their side.

Since each contemporary project is unique with its own specific challenges, CHD ART MAKER mobilizes all of its resources, artistic sensitivity as well as its technical and logistical skills in order to create their masterpieces.
Our approach: to keep an open and honest feedback loop at all times to ensure that we make the best possible art work together with the artists.

What sets CHD ART MAKER apart is not only our strong commitment and adaptability to your project, but also our deep concern for perfection, which delights and challenges our talented team. All have benefited from specific training, and combine traditional craftsmanship with mastery of the most contemporary and innovative tools and materials. And so devoted are our craftsmen that they can pass brilliantly from one trade to the other, with a versatility and flexibility that give birth to truly inspiring and breathtaking artworks.

Our unique company, CHD ART MAKER is among the most dynamic and transdisciplinary workshops exercising this activity around the world. And we always look forward to future challenges and opportunities to make stunning and exceptional works of art! 

The heritage

CHD ART MAKER atelier received the French label EPV.

CHD Art Maker
labelled « Entreprise du patrimoine vivant »

Founded in 2001 by Christian Hubert-Delisle and Bénédicte Baqué, the c.H-D art production workshop has certified its technical mastery in the highly specialized field of contemporary art works and high-end architectural structures. By joining a select few under the entreprise du patrimoine vivant (EPV) label. c.H-D art production is among a rare number of French companies offering a truly unique and innovative approach to creation, able to shape material ranging from metal to plastic to composite material; to make sculptures of very large dimensions with complex geometrical shapes, fabrications that require extreme precision in digital boilermaking techniques.

It is this exceptional know-how that has been recognized today by the EPV, a mark of excellence that France set up more than ten years ago to distinguish companies of quality related to the high performance of their expertise and their products.

The EPV label, which values French excellency, is delivered by the state only after a very rigorous process. Their criteria is based on technical mastery, whether advanced, renowned or traditional, which in France are often tied to the arts and culture. They clearly highlight the high value added of a "made in France" production in the eyes of national and international sponsors.

Created by a law in favor of small and medium companies and adopted on 2 August, 2005, the EPV label can be given to any company that has a particularly advanced savoir faire in either traditional or technical techniques.

This mark of recognition is today shared by some 1400 craftsmen and industrialists, all resolutely turned towards excellence.

If, at first, luxury and art were disproportionately represented, today many other sectors have earned this prestigious distinction, from video game makers to precision optics engineering firms. The EPV label reminds us that France remains among the top producers in the world.  


Our references

Since 2001, we have collaborated with

Adel Abdessemed . Agence Jouin Manku, Paris . Alain Bulbex . Les Alyscamps . Ami Barak . André Robillard . Ange Leccia . Ann Veronica Janssens . Antoine Bouillot . ARAC Occitanie . Arter . Art Project . Ballet Preljocaj . Bernhard Rüdiger . Carré d'Art - Musée d'art contemporain de Nîmes . Carsten Holler . Céleste Boursier-Mougenot . Centre d'art contemporain - La synagogue de Delme . Centre Pompidou, Paris . Chapelle Laennec, Paris . Christophe Berdaguer & Marie Pejus . Collection François Pinault . DRAC Occitanie . Eva Albarran . Kazakhstan . Festival d'Avignon . Fondation Louis Vuitton .  Fondation Pinault .  Foundation Liedts-Meesen . FRAC Centre, Orléans . FRAC Languedoc-Roussillon, Montpellier . François Roche . Galerie Air de Paris . Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris . Galerie Continua, Paris/Italie . Galerie Iconoscope, Montpellier . Galerie Mitterrand, Paris . Galerie Praz-Delavallade, Paris . Galeries nationales du Grand Palais, Paris . Gare de Lille Flandres, Lille . Grand Palais, Paris . Grout/Mazeas . Hatt & Söner . Héléne Richard et Jean Michel Quesne . Hicham Berrada . Hôpital Saint-Antoine, Paris . Huang Yong Ping . ICArt, Miami, Floride, US . Institut d'art contemporain de Villeurbanne . Jean Denant . Jean-François Fourtou . Karthik Pandian . Katharina Grosse . Katinka Bock . La Panacée/MoCo, Montpellier . Larry Bell . Le 104, Paris . Leandro Erlich . lille3000 . Lycée Jean Mermoz, Montpellier . L'onde Théatre . MAC/VAL, Musée d'Art Contemporain du Val-de-Marne . MAMCO, Musée d'art moderne et contemporain, Genève . Marcelo Jacome . Marguerite Humeau . Matalie Crasset . Matan Mittwoch . Mathias Delfau . Maxime Lamarche . MAXXI, Musée National des arts du XXIème sècle, Rome, Italie . Melik Ohanian . Mika Rotteberg . Mircea Cantor . Monnaie de Paris . MS Harmony of the Seas . MS Symphony of the Seas . Musée archéologique Henri-Prades . Musée d'Art Moderne, Paris . Musée de l'Armée, Les Invalides, Paris . Natacha Merrit . Nathalie Le Gall . Nathalie Talec . Nina Roussière . New Territories . Nina Childress . Nuit Blanche 2003 . Nuit Blanche 2006 . Nuit Blanche 2013 . Nuit Blanche 2014 . Nuno Ramos . USA .  Palais de Tokyo . Palazzo Grassi . Patrice Carré . Pascal Convert . Philippe Decrauzat . Pierre Ardouvin . Pierre Huygues . Pierre Joseph . Piotr Uklansky . Place Lulli, Marseille . Raphaël Zarka . R&Sie(n) . RCCL, Royal Caribbean International, Miami, US . Région Occitanie . Renaud-August Dormeuil . Canada . Ross Lovegrove . Siège social Crédit Agricole, Montrouge . Sigurdur Arni Sigurdsson . Stéphanie Lavaux . STX Europe . Subodh Gupta . The Land Foundation, Thaïlande . Théâtre National de Chaillot, Paris . Ubisoft, Montpellier . 


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Manuel Rubio