Technical development: development of 2D drawings, creative solutions, methodology, assembly planning process and 3D models.

Thanks to our mastery of 2D & 3D modeling software and tools, we study complex shapes and develop technical solutions to bring ideas to life.

We develop prototypes, samples and test, when necessary, the hypotheses of implementation and assembly of materials, in parallel with the engineering of the project.

We have always been able to foster special partnerships by combining artistic creation with technical and production innovation.

Today, we offer a made-to-measure service by mobilizing the expertise of our suppliers and savoir-faire of our craftsmen in the creative process. 


  • formal development and 3D modeling
  • technical and parts engineering development
  • prototyping and sampling
  • optimization of pre-production principles
  • production feasibility study: pre-production and cost estimation
  • creation of pre-production documents and execution plans  

Design, design and development
Troa - Studio digital & créatif

Direction artistique
Manuel Rubio