Fabrication and implementation of sculptures, public art pieces, design and architectural projects. Production of unique pieces.

With over 17 years of experience, CHD ART MAKER can now affirm its quality and expertise in the implementation of contemporary art projects and structures.

Her production activity is as much about traditional art as it is about mastering the technical processes to develop and build sculptures, public art works, architectural and/or design projects. 

We seek innovative and creative production solutions, anticipate the next stages of transport, handling, assembly and preservation. Within the workshop, more than fifteen trades have been put into practice according to the specificities of each project. 

The workshop can be mobile. It can assemble and install art and architecture projects in the location of your choice.


  • production and manufacture of works (from small to monumental)
  • materialization of concepts
  • mastery of various artistic and industrial processes: sculpture, moulding, laser cutting, CNC, stamping, lamination, assembly, finishing paint, etc....
  • supplier and subcontractor management
  • quality control of the different production stages
  • restoration or re-issuing of work(s)
  • maintenance recommendations 

Design, design and development
Troa - Studio digital & créatif

Direction artistique
Manuel Rubio