Design and design assistance of contemporary art, design and architecture pieces: from concept, principals drawings to 3D models.

The studio works creatively by accompanying artists, architects, designers and decision makers at all stages of the design process of an artistic project.

At the very core of the studio we develop ideas and conceptualisation theories. We then build and install the artwork while implementing a specific organisation for each and every one of the stages of our projects.

Our experience in this field enables us to serve as an expert advisor both on a national and international level.  


  • assistance in the design
  • design of construction and assembly
  • formal design and 3D modeling
  • technical and/or mechanical design
  • design and drawings of assembly principles
  • design of applied methods (methodology)
  • drawing up and analysis of the specifications  

Design, design and development
Troa - Studio digital & créatif

Direction artistique
Manuel Rubio