Transportation and logistics management. Installation management. Management of the team, planning and needs.

From planning to assembly, we manage and organize all stages of the project in accordance with the specifications and aesthetics sought.

All over the world, we put our expertise and skills in design, development, production and installation at the service of the projects entrusted to us.

We provide concrete solutions to multiple needs through technical, budgetary and logistical support and control.


  • project management, cost control, schedule and deadline management
  • internal and external team management
  • site supervision
  • production and quality control follow-up
  • supplier and subcontractor management
  • logistics and transport management at national and international level
  • administrative management (authorisation, permits, insurance, etc...)
  • custom packaging
  • administrative follow-up of 1% artistic and public commissions
  • installation of the works: lifting, handling, hanging, anchoring, laying & fixing
  • condition report, quality control and maintenance
  • consulting service
  • coordination and Governance 

Design, design and development
Troa - Studio digital & créatif

Direction artistique
Manuel Rubio